Fighter Su-75? The first video of the Russian fifth generation light fighter is published

The first video of a fifth-generation Russian fighter appeared.

The organizers of the MAKS-2021 air show have revealed the secret of the newest Russian light fighter of the fifth generation, the creation of which was previously reported in the state corporation Rostec. It really turned out to be a light version of the domestic combat aircraft Su-57, as previously reported by the news agency, while the video that appeared on the Web allows some details of the fighter to be revealed even before its official presentation.

On the presented video frames, you can see the Russian combat aircraft in almost all details, moreover, Rostec has already reacted to the published video by publishing the corresponding frame from the video and captioning the photo “Do you really think that we have nothing to surprise you with?”.

Among other things, analysts drew attention to the corresponding figure on the fuselage of a light fighter - 75, which may indicate that the fighter will receive the name Su-75, however, at the moment this is nothing more than a guess.

As for the previously made assumptions that the combat aircraft was copied from the American F-35, experts note that there are quite a few characteristic similarities and the previously published information about the apparent similarity of combat aircraft is rather a delusion.


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