Russian Aerospace Forces fighter Su-57 gave unpleasant surprises to American radars

The Russian Su-57 stunned and blinded the US military's radars.

The appearance of the Russian Su-57 fighter in the identification zone of the air defense systems of the US Armed Forces was a complete surprise for the Pentagon. The American military learned about the appearance of a Russian combat aircraft in this area only a few days later, while the verified data from the radars clearly showed that Russian combat aircraft in this region had not been noticed, which indicates that the Russian "stealth" fighter could not be detected even from a distance of less than a hundred kilometers.

“The Americans keep their new weapons away from hostilities, so just recently, seeing the newest Su-57 in the SAR, the United States experienced a shock. Well, how else? The meeting turned out to be quite unexpected! " The United States of America fell face down again when its vaunted radars failed to detect our new weapons, more than once. Well, dear Americans, this is a failure! The most powerful "Su-57" were discovered only when they themselves wanted it. According to media reports, the Russian Federation decided to contact the Americans and convey its ardent greetings with the help of an ultra-modern stealth system: "From Russia with love.", - about it сообщает "World of Arms".

Earlier it became known that Su-57 fighters arrived at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria through the airspace of Iran, Iraq and Syria, which means that the Russian combat aircraft was able to stun and blind several radars of the US air defense systems, moreover, we are talking about blinding and the stun can go in that case. if the Russian combat aircraft used electronic warfare equipment, which is one of the most powerful in the world.