Russian Aerospace Forces fighter Su-30SM attacked a NATO fighter

A Su-30SM fighter attacked a NATO fighter.

During another NATO provocation, arranged near the Russian borders, the Su-30SM fighter carried out the first recorded attack on a NATO F-35 fighter, using the Khibiny airborne complex for this. The relevant information was announced by the pilot of the F-35 fighter, who noted that this was his first collision with the Russian Su-30SM fighter.

It is known that during an attempt to covertly approach the F-35 fighter to the Russian western borders, a Russian Su-30SM fighter suddenly appeared next to the NATO aircraft, which, after several attempts to drive a fifth-generation combat aircraft from the Russian borders, unexpectedly used against the F -35 onboard complex "Khibiny" (standard non-lethal armament of a Russian fighter - editor's note). This led to a partial loss of control over the NATO aircraft.

Nevertheless, the incident did not end with the use of only the armament of the Russian Su-30SM fighter - in the conditions of losing control over the F-35, the pilot of the Russian aircraft began to take dangerous actions against the NATO fighter.

The situation ended as quickly as it began - the Russian fighter jet returned to the airbase, and the NATO fighter was forced to retreat and return to the airbase in Estonia.

It is noteworthy that after the incident, the Alliance countries stopped using fifth-generation fighters near the Russian borders, fearing much more harsh actions by the Russian Aerospace Forces.


Reading this constant nonsense, you begin to understand how they look at Russia and its propaganda. Yes, they are not afraid of the superweapons already advertised by Russia. The Russians are being fought, and they believe that the armor is strong and our tanks are fast!

"... I tried to imperceptibly approach the borders of Russia ..." !?

That is, the NATO plane did not violate the border, but the Russian plane attacked it in the airspace of Estonia?

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Date and time of the incident? If this happened today, then the phrase "... the Alliance countries stopped using fifth generation fighters near the Russian borders, fearing much more harsh actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces." looks very strange! Not in Russian!

And in another place it is written like this:

The onboard systems of American F-35 fighters were brought down by the Russian Murmansk-BN electronic warfare systems, which are located in the Murmansk region, Kaliningrad region and Crimea.

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I would like a source of information.