Fighter F-16


Fighter Air Jordan crashed in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Air Force fighter crashed.

According to some reports, F-16 fighter flight performed for strikes on positions Huthis in Yemen, however, when you return, the air defense system produced a missile launch, which hit the plane, which, by the way, the official representatives of Air Jordan is not confirmed.

As a result of the crash, the pilot of the military plane survived - the pilot managed to eject in a timely manner, however, received a number of injuries and wounds, and is currently in hospital.

It should be specified that the period of warfare in Yemen, coalition forces have lost several combat aircraft, while, the disaster were often linked to a technical malfunction.

the loss of several planes in such sitatsii - it fits into the permissible limits. Only it would be necessary just to prevent it. Rockets often like the heat and flies in front of the engine flying.