Colombian Air Force fighter nearly shot down Russian government Il-96-300

A Colombian fighter jet nearly shot down a Russian government special aircraft Il-96-300.

Against the background of active interaction between Russia and Venezuela, causing anger in neighboring countries opposing the authorities in Venezuela, official Bogotá went to a very serious provocation, threatening to destroy the Russian government board, raised into the sky by a Colombian Air Force combat aircraft. Noteworthy is the fact that the incident occurred already in the airspace of the Latin American state, and the Russian aircraft was flying with transponders turned on.

According to the Colombian side, the Russian board was given permission to enter the country's airspace, however, the special board allegedly entered Colombian airspace in a completely different place, although the Colombian side did not provide any evidence of this.

“The Colombian Defense Ministry stated that the plane flew from Moscow and had permission to fly through the country's airspace, but the actual coordinates of the entry into Colombian airspace differ from those previously received. It was filmed as the Colombian Air Force intercepts the Russian plane as soon as it entered the airspace of the South American country. ", - reports the information and news edition "Al-Masdar News".

It is noteworthy that the Colombian military really intended to attack the Russian special aircraft, as evidenced, among other things, by the video made by the pilot of the Colombian fighter jet, which, obviously, will lead to tougher actions against Colombia by Russia.

And what, one wonders, is a special board in Colombia to do? Or doping is over, and you need to replenish supplies?

I watched the video four times and did not find anything on the topic of the article, only a cloudy view (probably a view from the pilot) and colored circles of spectral reflections of the sun.
Quote: "The Colombian military was really about to attack ..."
What glitches prevented? And ours no longer need to fly there.

What is this murky video about? And yesterday your publication announced that it was a doomsday plane of the RF Ministry of Defense. Where is the truth?