Azerbaijani fighters lifted into the air


Azerbaijani fighters lifted into the air

25 January 2014. Azerbaijani fighters were spotted in the sky. The main reason for their appearance was the aggravated situation due to clashes between the troops of Armenians and Azerbaijanis. This was reported by the publication Regnum, which refers to the statement of the country's Defense Ministry published by the press service.

The statement confirms the fact that, indeed, for some time now flights have been made over the current habitat of the troops of both sides.   

In addition, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan provided information that was destroyed military vehicle of the enemy - Armenia. These forces wanted to prevent provocation of Azerbaijan Armenian soldiers. Tovuz District has become the place where he was killed by military enemy army vehicle.

Not happy about the fact that a day in various parts of the front during the cease-fire regime was broken almost 95 times.