Su-34 fighters


Su-34 fighter-bombers muffled their own air defense weapons

Bombers drowned out Russian air defenses.

The Su-34 fighter-bombers, who arrived at the Ashuluk (Astrakhan region) from the Perm Territory and the Chelyabinsk Region, arrived for the first time used the Khibiny electronic warfare system against air defense systems.

Aircraft crews using mounted systems Khibiny created false targets for ground-based air defense systems. Due to this, the real place of their location, as well as the MiG-31BM fighters, was hidden.

As the press service of the Central Military District reported, the next operation of the group of aircraft was the reflection of a massive rocket air strike and the launch of air-to-air missiles.

In the past air maneuvers participated 14 fighter MiG-31BM and 2 fighter-bomber Su-34. In these short exercises, around 100 military personnel and engineers were involved.

Nevertheless, the fact that Russian air defense weapons were drowned out by EW complexes caused serious concern among specialists, since the enemy could also take advantage of similar measures.

1. For those who fear leaks from the media. What is unknown to a potential enemy reported. What "Khibiny" jammed detection stations? And the parameters (frequencies, angles, ranges) are indicated in the article? For the sake of these parameters, airborne electronic reconnaissance airplanes, which constantly hang in the sky, go at our borders.
2. The main question is different - if Khibiny can suppress our radar, then how can you counteract any EW station on the plane of the Straitbox on this issue?

So our very top, the highest political establishment, the top media leaders: for whom does it work? Of course, not to Russia, this is not a secret for a long time.

That's what the teachings are ... The Khibiny work great! C-300 also worked great.
All is well.

80% of all secrets get their open sources .. You can not talk about new oil reserves .. gas. data missiles and aircraft. Collective missiles and warheads on them ...

It is hardly advisable to report such materials in open media. In Soviet times, they did not publish, but analyzed and took measures. And Western intelligence officers do not need to take risks in Russia. We'll tell you everything.