Saudi Arabian Air Force F-15 fighters strike in Syria

Saudi Arabian Air Force fighters attacked Syria.

A few hours ago, a massive missile strike was delivered to the Syrian city of Abu Kemal. According to the Independent Arabia, Saudi Arabian air force fighters took part in the airstrike, and the strike itself was a response to the Iranian attack on oil refineriesSaudi Aramco».

“Saudi fighters participated in attacking the positions of Iranian militias in the Syrian region of Abu Kemal, reported a lot of dead and wounded, as well as destroyed weapons depots, missile launchers and cruise missiles”, - reports "Independent arabia».

Western sources also confirmed the attack on Abu Kemal using Saudi fighters, while it is reported that the attack was a response to the attack on the Saudi Aramco refineries.

According to social networks, three Saudi Arabian F-15 fighters took part in the attack, while the return fire on combat aircraft did not open, although the latter were within the reach of a number of Syrian air defense systems, in particular, the C-200 complexes .

At the moment, there are no official comments from Riyadh, however, if the information is confirmed, Russia, Iran and Syria may take retaliatory measures.

in a blow to the oil terminals of Saudi Arabia, the Ears of the US CIA are "visible" ...! ... and THIS is not a "high - like" ...!