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F-35 fighters are ready at any time to support the ships of the British Navy in the Black Sea

The British Department of Defense has named the types of warships sent to the Black Sea. Previously announced information that it would be a destroyer and frigate of the Royal Navy, was confirmed. Now it is clarified that Britain will send a Type 28 frigate with a displacement of about 5 thousand tons and a Type 45 destroyer with a displacement of 7.5 thousand tons to the Black Sea.

Frigates of the Royal Navy of this type are armed with American Harpoon anti-ship missiles and British Sea Wolf anti-aircraft missile systems.

Modern Type 45 destroyers are equipped with PAAMS air defense systems with a range of up to 80 km for aerodynamic targets, and the Phalanx CIWS shipborne anti-aircraft artillery system, which is used to destroy anti-aircraft missile systems moving at speeds up to Mach 2.

The British press, referring to the command of the United Kingdom, writes that the F-35 fighters on board the aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" will be "on high alert."

From a statement by the British Navy:

F-35 stealth fighters, based on board the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, are ready to support the British Navy ships in the Black Sea at any time.

It should be noted that the British Navy aircraft carrier is indeed currently in the Mediterranean. He was first sent to the Pacific region "to contain China."

As a result, with the help of one aircraft carrier group, London wants to "contain" both Russia and China. But in practice it is impossible to do this, and they decided to "leave China for later." In the meantime, the F-35 are ready for combat missions only "in the direction of the Black Sea."

British press:

While the Defense Ministry insists that the planned deployment is common, it is taking place against the backdrop of a likely conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Russian troops are pulling together to the Ukrainian border, against the background of these events, clashes between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country take place.

The Reuters columnist recalled that earlier US President Joe Biden refused to send US Navy warships to the Black Sea after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The conviction is involuntarily formed that the Great Britain and the United States will keep good losses from further fomenting wars.
For some reason, today's establishment of the world's giants from politics does not remember either the Second World War (they were either children, or generally younger), or the Cold War - to maneuver on the crest of the permissible and without reaching the "red line" they do not know how and do not want, being convinced of their "strength".
In fact, the British fleet is no longer the 1945 fleet of the year, for example, for a long time many old ones were not invested in ships, and those that are, well, will not be able to defend themselves in the Black Sea and their wrong actions can be perceived as a threat.

Is the support barge with diapers not included in the Montreux restrictions?

Is that what they want? Let them sit and guard the Channel))