F-35 fighters failed to protect American B-52 bombers from Russian fighters

F-35 fighters failed to protect American B-52s from Russian fighters.

The F-35 fighters of the Netherlands Air Force, which were supposed to protect the American strategic bombers B-52 from Russian fighters, could not cope with the task, leaving the American aircraft to be torn apart by the Russian Su-27 and Su-30, as a result of which the special operation was forced to curtail and American strategic forces.

According to the information available at the moment, the fighters of the Netherlands Air Force were prohibited from taking off from a military airbase due to the risk of ... a thunderstorm.

“According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands Sidney Plankman, he personally made the decision to cancel the flight of the F-35A during the exercises at the end of August 2020. "Dutch F-35A fighters had to take off from Leeuwarden Air Base to escort American B-52s during Allied Sky maneuvers," a spokesman for Planckman said. The F-35A in thunderstorms was that the inert air conditioning system (OBIGGS) was not working properly.According to the results of the inspection, faults interfering with the operation of OBIGGS were found on most Dutch F-35A. the manufacturer recommends taking off for training or combat missions only in the absence of a thunderstorm or lightning "- сообщает DatViet edition.

In fact, as experts note, if it was a question of performing a combat operation, then, all other things being equal, Russian fighters would simply destroy American bombers on the way - the latter were completely defenseless.

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