Attacks against Syria


Israeli fighters deliver third blow to Syria in a week

Syria is attacked again by Israeli fighters.

Shortly before midnight, Israeli Air Force fighters struck a new strike on Syrian territory. The attack by the Israeli Air Force was carried out from the Al-Tanf area, which is under the control of the US military. As a result, the Syrian air defense systems failed to successfully repel the attack.

It is known that the attack was carried out in the direction of Syrian Palmyra. At the same time, the goal, oddly enough, was the Etisalat telecommunication tower and several nearby settlements. As a result of the Israeli attack, one Syrian soldier was killed, and three more were injured of various kinds. According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense, some material damage was caused as a result of the Israeli strikes, however, there are no other details on this score.

“At about 23 hours on 34 October 13, Israeli enemy forces launched an air attack from the Al Tanf area towards the Palmyra area, which resulted in attacks on the Etisalat tower and some surrounding points. One serviceman was killed, three more were wounded and some material damage was caused ", - said in the message of the Ministry of Defense of the SAR.

According to Syrian military sources, the Syrian air defense systems managed to repel some of the IDF strikes, however, due to the fact that a small number of air defense systems were deployed in this area of ​​Syria, some of the missiles were still able to break through and hit their targets.


The message says that "enemy forces" attacked. Well, what are they enemy. They are friends of Russia and they have one task to drive the Iranians out of Syria.

In Geneva, they started to touch. Yes, and the Persians turned out to be weaklings, they have only show-off.

As they say, do not dig a hole for others you yourself will fall into it

Israel has become insolent

Hey! Didn't you fall asleep there?