Fighter and rocket


MiG-29 fighters want to equip analogue missiles "Dagger", but against the satellites?

Russian fighters can get a powerful anti-satellite missile.

In the near future, MiG-29 fighters may receive an anti-satellite missile, which is an analogue of the X-47М2 hypersonic missile. Information about this is given in the relevant document published by the Telegram channel Gallifrey technologies.

According to the published document, RSK MIG is considering the possibility of using a certain 29 product on MiG-29K and MiG-07KUB fighters, attracting the Tactical Missile Corporation to the relevant development work.

According to previously published data, the “07 product” may be the “Kontakt” anti-satellite rocket (79М6), whose designs have been minimized, but not completely closed. In fact, the Kontakt rocket is very similar in appearance to the X-47М2 hypersonic aeroballistic missile that is part of the Kinzhal aviation-missile system.

If the data on this score is confirmed, then Russia is likely to be able to secure an advantage in terms of hitting low-orbit satellites.