MiG-29 fighters


Fighters MiG-29 and Yak-130 can be placed at the very borders of the United States

Mexican Air Force may show particular interest in Russian MiG-29 and Yak-130

Rosoboronexport General Director Alexander Mikheev said that at the International Aerospace Salon FAMEX 2019, which will be held in Mexico from 24 to April 27, Russia will present more than 200 weapons. Rosoboronexport conducts constant work aimed at strengthening its position in the countries of Latin America.

The company is confident that multi-purpose 4 + generation fighters will become the most popular in this region: the MiG-29M and the combat training Yak-130. Potential customers may be interested in the Mi-17В-5, Mi-171Ш, Mi-35М, Ka-52, Mi-28Е and Ka-226Т helicopters. The exhibition will also feature Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, air defense systems, armored vehicles and small arms.

According to "Defense World", it is expected that representatives of the Mexican air forces will be of particular interest in Russian aircraft. The air force of this country in the 2017 year were left without fighters. Then the American F-5 lungs, which were in service with the country for 45 years, were written off. Mexico wages a constant war against drug cartels. Many operations require combat aircraft capable of striking ground targets.

Such operations can easily perform the MiG-29M. He is able to use high-precision missiles with a X-29T television homing head, X-31А anti-ship missiles, X-31П anti-radar missiles, KAB-500KR guided bombs and unguided aircraft missiles.

As for the Yak-130, this aircraft can easily perform the role of a light attack aircraft. He is able to carry adjustable and conventional bombs weighing up to 500 kilograms. It can be equipped with blocks with unguided rockets.