MiG-29 fighters attacked Turkish helicopters at the airbase in Misrata

MiG-29 fighters inflicted multiple strikes on a Turkish military airbase in Libya.

On the eve of the night, MiG-29 fighters in service with the Libyan National Army (LNA) launched multiple air strikes on the positions of the Turkish army at Misrata airport. Sources report at least six explosions, while emphasizing that Turkish helicopters, a hangar with drones and one of the military transport aircraft delivering weapons from Turkey to Libya were targeted.

Just two days earlier, the forces of the Government of National Accord of Libya published photographs of Turkish military helicopters deployed at the airbase in Misrata, threatening to use them against the army of Haftar, however, judging by the photographs from the scene, the losses of the Turkish military and the forces of the Government of National Accord were critical.

According to some reports, the strike by fighters was delivered from a long distance, which minimized the likelihood of being hit by Turkish air defense systems, while sources in the PNS report that the strikes themselves turned out to be very mysterious, since the aircraft were visually detected (the use of drones was also assumed - ed. .) failed.

Turkish helicopters at the airbase in Misrata before the MiG-29 strike

It should be noted that this is one of the first air raids of the Libyan National Army's military aircraft in recent months on the positions of the Turkish forces and the PNS forces in Misrata.

Currently Vladimir is right! Turkey now, like the United States, is crawling into all holes and kindling wars ... I wonder how many fronts Turkey can fight on? Syria, Libya, and now Armenia ... At this pace, Erdogan will very soon finish playing his wars. The Turks will "thank" him very much when they are once again defeated.

Every blow to the Turks is a contribution to the cause of peace.