MiG-29 fighters bombed Turkish military and fighters, Video

MiG-29 fighters bombed a huge convoy of Turkish military and PNE forces.

A few hours ago, unknown combat aircraft inflicted a powerful blow to the huge military convoy of the Turkish military, militants and forces of the Government of National Unity, who tried to storm the city of Sirte. According to the source, we are talking about the very MiG-29 fighters that were previously seen on the territory of Libya.

On the presented video frames you can see that a massive military convoy consisting of dozens of vehicles, which included several hundred people, was eliminated by an air strike. The military convoy was completely destroyed by airstrike, which thwarted the offensive operation on the position of the forces of the Libyan National Army, while, apparently, speech. We are talking about multiple air strikes, as evidenced by the destruction of enemy equipment at large distances from the shooting point.

“Twitter” account “Last Defender”, which published the shots of the destroyed military convoy preparing the attack on the Libyan Sirte, expressed confidence that we are talking about MiG-29 fighters, which is probably due to the fact that these combat aircraft significantly exceed the capabilities of air defense systems that are in service with the PNE forces, and if other combat aircraft were used, the latter would almost certainly have been shot down.

Among other things, a few days ago, the Twitter account of the Syrian Military Capabilities reported that the Russian MiG-29 fighters handed over to Syria are performing mysterious flights to North Africa, obviously, thereby covering the Libyan national army after the latter suffered a series of devastating defeats, having lost two air bases and a large number of weapons.