Russian-made MiG-29 fighters defiantly flew over the positions of the Turkish military

MiG-29 fighters defiantly flew over the positions of the Turks, remaining unnoticed.

After Turkey began to pull its military equipment to the front-line areas, and a number of sources in the parliament of the Government of National Unity of Libya announced that the forces were preparing for a new confrontation with the Libyan National Army, three Russian-made MiG-29 fighters defiantly flew over the positions of the Turkish military and PNU forces, thereby showing their readiness to strike in case of the slightest escalation of the situation.

It is known that despite the fact that Turkey deployed its air defense systems in Libya, it was possible to detect the MiG-29 fighters only visually - the radars could not, for unknown reasons, notice Russian combat aircraft, that. by the way, it may be due to the use of powerful electronic warfare equipment located on these combat aircraft.



It should be noted that today it is not known for certain where the MiG-29 fighters appeared in Libya - according to Turkey and the United States, we are talking about fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, while a number of sources in Syria report that it was the Syrian Air Force fighters that were deployed to Libya to enhance the capabilities of the LNA, while some sources claim that we are talking about Egyptian Air Force fighters.

It should be recalled that as part of the recent clashes in Libya, Russian fighters several times destroyed Turkish air defense systems, equipment and radars deployed in the territory controlled by the PNU.

Everyone sees what he wants to see.

Barmaley took off some 3 planes on sneakers. That's all I saw.

... and to North Africa!

Maybe North Africa?

now if it would not have been visually detected, then it would have
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Russia has triumphantly returned to the Middle East!



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