Hit MiG-35


MiG-35 fighters have become even cooler - now they can smash huge areas

Russian MiG-35 fighters received unique equipment, making them a formidable enemy.

The latest Russian MiG-35 fighters have become unique combat units turning into invincible crushers. This is due to the innovative approach of developers who not only created unmanned high-speed aircraft, but also made them the "companions" of combat aircraft. Thanks to this fact, one MiG-35 fighter can cover huge areas with its strikes.

“It is assumed that the developed aircraft models will have high combat potential and will be able to be used in a single system with both MiG-35 aircraft and other aviation systems”, - say the developers from MiG.

Despite the absence of official statements, experts believe that one MiG-35 fighter will be equipped with 2-4 high-speed unmanned aerial vehicles, which in turn will increase the combat potential of the Russian fighter by several times, while it is possible that the drones will be equipped as weapons for striking ground targets, and weapons that can effectively deal with air targets.