Israel and Saudi Arabia


The fighters that attacked Syria were identified as Saudi, but there is a nuance

Saudi Arabia could be substituted with strikes on the territory of Syria.

The night before it became known that at least three combat aircraft took part in delivering attacks on Syrian territory. As it turned out, the fighters were identified by Saudi air defense systems (targets were outside the missile range - approx. East.), However, at the same time, Saudi Arabia denied any involvement in the strikes, and therefore, experts did not exclude that for strikes Israeli or American warplanes that changed their identities could be used.

It is noteworthy that recently, close to the borders of Syria, American and Israeli aircraft with altered identification data have been observed quite often, which could have led to the fact that unknown fighters were incorrectly identified. In fact, experts say that the Saudi side would hardly consider it appropriate to attack the pro-Iranian forces in Syria, realizing the seriousness of the subsequent problems, while earlier Israeli planes were seen behind attacks on Abu Kemal.

Experts do not exclude that by broadcasting fake identification information, Israel could again stand behind the strikes.

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