Eurofighter Typhoon


NATO fighters deployed to Ukraine

NATO is already deploying its military aircraft to Ukraine.

Against the background of the upcoming offensive of the Ukrainian army to Donbass in the second half of April, as previously reported by the resource, it became known that several days ago, combat aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance were secretly deployed to Ukraine, in particular, it became known that that we are mainly talking about Eurofighter Typhoon fighters.

The information and news resource had information that at least six Eourofighter Typhoon fighters were in question, however, according to unconfirmed reports, the number of such may increase to 12 fighters, which will only lead to increased tension in the region.

Analysts do not see any special problems due to the deployment of NATO combat aviation, since Russian air defense systems are sufficient to successfully repel any air strike, while any provocation or aggression Russia will immediately strike a powerful blow on other NATO countries, considering The alliance as a single adversary, which, by the way, was repeatedly reminded of Jens Stoltenberg, in connection with which experts call NATO's actions nothing more than a show.

no one will hit Europe ..... there our children, property, money

Yuri, unfortunately, cannot be at peace with everyone. Historically, Russia is alone

I am sure that none of the people living on earth wants a third world war, but Donbass will be the beginning of this war. I do not think that anyone will survive if nuclear weapons are used. And the most reckless thing is to quarrel with the whole world and scare that Russia will wipe out all of Europe from the face of the earth. And if, nevertheless, the third world war begins, then I am very sorry, since it was not the countries of Europe that did not want war, but Russia itself wanted it. And since these countries are located around Russia, no air defense will help. To destroy the entire continent, it is enough to press the red button and after a few mines nuclear missiles will strike from the air and even from space, and in an hour the entire continent on which we live will disappear. But there is an alternative, there is a way out - this is peace with everyone.

If we have Gozman and others to blame Putin and us, then trouble is for us

Well, in general, the main goal seems to have been achieved ... NATO troops are stationed in Ukraine without objection, the war was not required, a free Ukraine, by whipping up rumors about Russian paratroopers in Kiev and the return of Donbass under the control of President Zelensky, completed an implicit task - missiles with nuclear weapons near Kharkov is our future.

Training facility S-400

everything goes to the fact that a collision becomes inevitable - Russia must show determination and not shake ============

About Karabakh honey agarics offended Armenians do not run around the Armenians love the Armenians folk medicine and health zor Boloyan

I don’t think it will be of principle. There is more of a question in the practice of survival of the inhabitants of densely populated areas in a nuclear war. Russia's military-technical potential in terms of conventional weapons is inferior to the combined forces of NATO countries, therefore, after the phase of the start of active hostilities, a nuclear strike on the industrial centers of Europe is inevitable.


NATO is an aggressive adversary of Russia, and Ukraine, while providing its territories to the North Atlantic alliance for the war with Russia, deliberately becomes an accomplice of the bloc, hence all responsibility for the consequences of the military confrontation falls, first of all, on the non-foreign

This is the local world self-defense, and planes can be bought at any military trade ..

This will already be a direct armed clash of the RF Armed Forces with NATO troops

Kiselev also talked about something else before, but now it's a coincidence - I don't think so. All are for sale, you just need to put up the correct price tag

From the article: "..Russia will immediately strike a powerful blow against other NATO countries, considering the Alliance as a single enemy .."
To this, add it, everything is true with this option.
It is strange that a socialist in his youth, Jens and his sister, fiercely denounced the United States and rallied against the Vietnam War.
Now he is driving his subordinates to "European Vietnam" ...

I think it will be a good warm-up that which plane is the Su-35 or Eurofighter