NATO fighters intercepted an unusual Russian bomber

NATO fighters intercepted an unusual Russian bomber.

At the borders of NATO intercepted the most unusual bomber flying out of Russia. Information on this subject is confirmed by both Russian and Western media, however, as it became known, the 80-year-old Su-2, in which the command of the air force of the North Atlantic Alliance, for unknown reasons, was seen as a dangerous combat aircraft.

“According to the data of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the legendary historical Su-2 bomber that followed from the Kaliningrad region was thus accompanied. The Su-2 is a participant in the Great Patriotic War, made its first flight back in the 1937 year, and proved to be an effective reconnaissance and light bomber, fast at that time ”, - reports "REGNUM".

What exactly caused the NATO forces to intercept the old Soviet bomber is not reported, however, obviously, the North Atlantic Alliance did not rejoice at such an interception of a military aircraft taking off from Russian territory, spending considerable resources on this.