Interceptors MIG-31 become more effective in the battle

Engineers and scientists have increased the range of the weapon control system of interceptor fighter MiG-31.

The increased coverage will not only provide a more efficient capture of the objectives, but also raise the country's defense, as the MiG-31 are one of the main tools of the Russian Federation Air Force.

Among other things, according to the agency Avia.pro, scientists and engineers from the "Scientific Research Institute of Instrument. Tikhomirov" managed to improve the quality of tracking low-flying targets, which in turn raises the status of the Russian fighter MiG-31. It also became known that the modernized combat aircraft will enter the Air Force in the near future, and is supposed to be very good new plane will be able to prove itself.

However, some experts believe that the use of a digital system can be locked active interference, which in turn casts doubt on the success of the development made.


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