Su-30 fighters scared American missile destroyers

American destroyers were afraid to approach Iranian oil tankers, fearing a Venezuelan strike.

The decisiveness of the Venezuelan military and the regular flights of the Venezuelan Su-30 fighters, armed with cruise anti-ship missiles, over the Iranian oil tankers passage area, forced the United States to abandon the idea of ​​approaching Iranian tankers, realizing that any provocation could end in no way in favor of the American military.

The fourth Iranian oil tanker entered the territorial waters of Venezuela completely unhindered, having not met any provocations from the United States, due to the patrolling of the area by fighters of the Venezuelan Air Force and the presence of the Venezuelan Navy warship here.

To justify their inaction, Washington announced that they did not even consider the capture of Iranian oil tankers, which, however, is not true, since after the appearance of information about Iran sending tankers to Venezuela, the American media, citing sources in the country's defense department , announced the complete determination of the United States to prevent oil supplies to Venezuela, especially from the Islamic Republic.

“We see that the States have frankly“ blown away ”, realizing that it is possible to get well both from Venezuela and from Iran, which also threatened US retaliatory measures, but already in the waters of the Persian Gulf, and it’s quite obvious that they wouldn’t stand aside Russia and China, for whom Venezuela is the most important ally in this region ”, - the expert marks.


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