Fighter Su-30 tore fifth-generation Chinese Chengdu J-20

The invincible fifth-generation Chinese fighter was worse than the Russian Su-30.

Contrary to the claims of the Chinese media that the fifth-generation fighter Chengdu J-20 significantly outperform both the American F-35 and F-22, as well as the Russian Su-57, it turned out that in reality, these aircraft were vulnerable targets even for Su-30 fighters related to fourth-generation aircraft.

According to media reports, during a training flight, the crew of the Su-30MKI Indian Air Force fighter unexpectedly discovered a Chinese Chengdu J-20 fighter on the radars of a combat aircraft. This incident is far from the first case, however, given the distance between the fighters, the Su-30MKI could easily destroy a Chinese combat aircraft.

Against the background of the emergence of such information, it was suggested that the fifth-generation Chinese stealth fighter was discovered due to the fact that radars were installed on Russian combat aircraft different from those developed for the stealth defense of the Chinese fighter . Among other things, a version was also expressed about the effect of thermal lensing, which, however, is very unlikely, especially given the rather significant distance between the Su-30 and Chengdu J-20.

If it is established within the framework of the proceedings that the Chinese stealth is not such, then, obviously, the PRC will still have to purchase a batch of Russian Su-57 combat aircraft, which have been actively criticized in the PRC for many years.