Su-30MKI fighters will be transferred to Israeli "smart bombs"

Su-30 fighters are equipped with Israeli "smart bombs."

In publications published in the Indian press, the decision was made to buy Israeli ammunition for 300 crore crores for the country's armed forces. “Spice-2000 smart bombs” will be purchased, which are manufactured by the Israeli defense concern Rafael.

The peculiarity of the situation is that in India they intend to equip Russian-made Su-30MKI combat aircraft with these bombs. This aircraft is one of the main in the Indian Air Force. At present, there are 250 machines of this model in the country's air force. Israeli “smart bombs”, which plan in the air to the necessary coordinates and correct the location by a geolocation sensor, are also in service with the Indian Air Force. Their carriers are aircraft "Mirage", which in the country a little - about fifty.

For a long time, India has been in a state of permanent border conflict with Pakistan. She regularly suffers from the terrorist attacks of Islamist militants that they organize in the border areas. After the next terrorist attack in February 2019 of the year, 12 Indian aircraft "Mirage" caused an airstrike on the camp of the Islamist group "Jaish al-Muhammad", located in Pakistan. In addition to the “Mirage”, X-NUMX Su-4 vehicles, two Il-30 refueling aircraft, the Israeli Heron unmanned aerial vehicle participated in the operation.

For strikes, precision-guided munitions were used, including Spice, capable of independently flying wings and flaps up to 150 kilometers. Flight is adjusted using satellite and inertial navigation systems. The accuracy of the hit is 3 meter. When using such ammunition, the aircraft do not fly up to the target, being in the zone, safe from enemy air defense.

Yes, and then the Jews will take it, and they will press a certain secret button at their place and these smart bombs will fly "into the milk"! On a command from fashington so that Pakistan does not suffer ...