Su-35 fighters blinded the radar of F-16 pilots

A pair of Su-35 fighters armed with long-range air-to-air missiles forced the F-16 pilots to retreat.

This happened during an attempt by four F-16 fighters to patrol the airspace of the island of Taiwan. According to Chinese media resources, two pairs of F-16 fighters simply did not see two Su-35 fighters. When the latter appeared on the radar, it was a very big surprise for the Taiwanese pilots, who were forced to retreat deep into the airspace of the island and lower their flight altitude in order to somehow avoid detection by the Chinese Su-35s.

The reason why the Su-35 fighters were not detected by the radars of the F-16 fighters lies, in all likelihood, in the airborne electronic warfare systems, since these aircraft are believed to have the most powerful and long-range electronic warfare systems installed, which are likely to and allowed to hide the fighters until their maximum approach.

In the photographs presented, you can see that Su-35 fighters are indeed almost constantly in the airspace over the Taiwan Strait, preventing Taiwan from even getting close to at least some kind of provocation. Given that the planes are equipped with long-range aviation missiles, Chinese warplanes can shoot down targets even before they are detected.


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