Su-35, Su-34, MiG-29 and MiG-23 fighters frightened Israel with an unexpected raid on the Golan Heights

The unexpected raid of Russian and Syrian fighters on the Golan Heights became a reason for Israel to panic.

Against the background of the fact that Russia still does not recognize the transfer of the Golan Heights under the control of the Israeli army and as a response to the uncontrolled attacks of the Israeli Air Force on Syria, it became known that a large group of Su-35, Su-34 and MiG- 29 and MiG-23 completed a raid on the Golan Heights. It is known that Israel activated its air defense systems, but only after the combat aircraft were able to approach the strike distance. At the same time, the IDF did not dare to attack the Syrian MiG-29 fighters because of the risk of shooting down Russian aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that the flight was planned. At the same time, it is alleged that Russian and Syrian pilots practiced strikes not only against ground targets, but also against air targets, probably having trained to attack Israeli fighters in the event of repeated cases of IDF aggression against the Arab Republic, which, quite obviously, will take place.

The Syrian Air Force received updated MiG-29 fighters relatively recently. Moreover, it is argued that these combat aircraft can easily withstand the F-15 and F-16 fighters, and it is these combat aircraft that are used by Israel to strike at the territory of Syria.

dear dan, as you put it, an imaginary air raid, this is not border crossing, this is an approach to borders at a distance from which targets can be hit, it can be two hundred kilometers, yours also shoot without entering Syrian airspace and quickly roll up so as not to get a return

Signed by the main Western countries and a year later they quietly forgot about the obligations, and you remembered the times of the king of peas. The US also spits on treaties. What are you all demanding from Russia, demanding?

Everything is fine in this duck :))) The army, which defeated the Arab armies more than once hundreds of times superior, which destroys weapons caravans for terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Iran with precision strikes, saves the Khmeimim base, supplying the Russians with intelligence about the impending attacks of Iranian minions , I was afraid of an imaginary air raid, which was not there :))) I live near the Golan. Where is the vaunted air raid? :))) Congratulations sovramshi.

A typical invention of zombie cheers of patriots, when the desired is presented as reality

I read the comments and concluded, and Israel really is Moscow. Remind me of the history of the seven-day war? According to your logic, then they should have killed everyone, but in the end they threatened with nuclear weapons out of fear.

The other party is warned about such detentions in advance. So Israel did not take any action. Russia and Israel have an understanding in diplomacy and in the military field. And it's not for us to talk about it.

If Zelensky unleashes a war, then his historical homeland will come to an end, let him think about his loved ones.

Empire strikes back.
Free the land and walk.

Oh, vey, did Russia attack the Golan Heights? By the way, in Russia, some call them the Dutch Heights. These Dutchmen… If they got scared in Israel, then some of the planes would simply not come back.

Did they tell you personally from the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the IDF?

Well, how to portray it? here is the message of the latest issue of Yisrael Hayom- (diaper sales have skyrocketed in the country)

Whoa got you out

What kind of panic in Israel can we talk about)? How can Russia really threaten a country that has hundreds of times more stupid resources and opportunities in this region? Well, we flew a little closer than usual to the Israeli Golan, and checked back. Enough to somehow indicate your presence))) although yes, this can already be called a manifestation of strength and power, as well as dreaming about panic in Israel, it’s not harmful to dream, right)?

The transition of the Golan Heights under the control of the Israeli army is determined by the disengagement agreement signed, in particular, by the USSR (in addition to it, the agreement was signed by Israel, Syria, the USA and the UN). So Russia, the legal successor of the USSR, cannot but recognize it.
The author of the article would do well to learn a little history before putting his ignorance on public display.

"cause for Israel's panic."
But the country of Israel to the light bulb your fabrications to earn a penny. How can you depict the panic of Israel?

There was no panic in Israel. Again, the inventions of the pro-Syrian forces.

Gentlemen, journalists ..... don’t tell my slippers, I haven’t been able to put them on for the second day in Israel, they laugh at your news .........

We noticed Israel's readiness "for such incidents" when the vaunted Iron Dome began to run out of missiles and asked for a truce from the Arabs.

Israel’s air defense does not have time to shoot down gas cylinders from barmaley, but don’t be ridiculous here combat aircraft.

I panic in Israel, they have long been ready for such incidents, if this were true, all planes would be shot down (also by mistake).



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