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Su-57 fighters will remain without the latest weapons

At the first serial Su-57 fully updated weapons will not.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 at the initial stage of production may not receive promising weapon systems. A significant part of the nomenclature is currently only at the initial stage of development.

The first multifunctional serial Su-57 will be equipped mainly with weapons of the past generation. This primarily relates to bomb weapons, unguided aircraft missiles and cartridges for aircraft guns.

As reported in the publication of the Interfax news agency, the Russian industry "has not completed work on the creation of ammunition for the Su-57, and work on these types of weapons are in the initial stage."

A news agency source also reports that the development of guided missiles is progressing well. There is a chance that the new fighter will receive them on time.

The Su-57 armament range includes the K-77 medium-range guided missile. This new product has a long range. If the previous missiles flew 110 kilometers, then the K-77 flies 192 kilometers. Moreover, due to the design, it has a high level of noise immunity. It should be noted that a version of the rocket is being developed that can fly much further.

The KAB-250 guided bomb, intended for Su-57, was reported by TASS news agency in May. The tests of this bomb are currently being completed.

Among the new weapons that the Su-57 will be equipped with are the ultra-long-range hypersonic missile R-37М. She is able to hit a target at a distance of 400 kilometers.