Su-57 fighters will receive an analogue of the Dagger missile

Russian fighters Su-57 will begin to arm hypersonic missiles.

With the start of mass production of Su-57 fighters and their subsequent entry into the army, combat aircraft will begin to arm with hypersonic weapons. According to some data, it is planned to equip fifth-generation fighters with new missiles next year.

At the moment, it is known that the question is being actively discussed of supplying Su-57 fighters with analogues of Dagger missiles, but with smaller dimensions capable of striking land and sea targets within 500-600 radius. The destructive power of the new hypersonic missile will be less than that of the Dagger, but it will be quite enough to hit the enemy’s fortifications, air defense and missile defense positions, radar facilities, etc. Moreover, the Su-57 fighters will also be equipped air-to-air missiles capable of hitting aerodynamic targets at distances up to 50-75 kilometers, which would give Russian combat aircraft an indisputable advantage in battle.

It should be clarified that today, Russia is actively using the capabilities of hypersonic technology, creating the latest air defense and missile defense systems, as well as tactical and strategic missile systems.