Fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces collided with the F-35 over the Baltic Sea for the first time

F-35s first encountered Russian fighters over the Baltic Sea.

According to foreign sources and the media, the F-35 fighters of the Italian Air Force that arrived in Estonia a few days ago collided with Russian fighters in the skies over the Baltic Sea for the first time.

At the moment, there are no official details to clarify the current situation, however, by the information provided, it should be understood that F-35 fighters probably arranged escort of Russian combat aircraft over the Baltic Sea, and, judging by the fact that there are no official comments, monitoring of Russian combat aircraft could be carried out covertly, without direct rapprochement.

According to another Western publication, the incident could indeed have taken place, but, obviously, again without direct contact between the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Italian Air Force, which does not exclude the possibility that NATO planes also did not want to remain noticed, not to mention the fact that that the same Russian Su-35 could easily arrange a demonstration of air combat for the Italian F-35, since these combat aircraft are much more maneuverable.

Earlier it became known that four F-35 fighters arrived in Estonia from Italy, moreover, the deployment of these combat aircraft near the Russian borders is observed for the first time.