Russian Aerospace Forces fighters attacked Afrin area with Turkish forces

Russian military aircraft bombed the area where Turkish troops were stationed in Afrin.

After a few days ago, Kurdish formations successfully attacked a convoy of Turkish military equipment in the area of ​​the village of Afrin, as a result of which the armored car of the Turkish military was destroyed and two Turkish servicemen were killed, and four more were seriously injured, it became known that the Russian military aviation carried out a series of strikes on the same area, where the main Turkish forces are concentrated. It is noteworthy that the strikes were delivered literally a few hours after the Turkish side announced that it was sending Turkish troops to Syria and conducting a military operation in the northern part of the Arab republic.



According to the Syrian News Agency, the Russian planes launched a series of violent attacks on the outskirts of Afrin, however, no other details have yet been provided.

According to Syrian sources, significant forces of the Turkish army and militants controlled by Ankara are currently concentrated in Afrin and its environs. It is for this reason that the Kurdish forces attacked a military convoy of Turkish equipment and, probably, the Russian side will also strike at the places of concentration of terrorists, and in the event of a breakdown of agreements between Moscow and Ankara, and strikes at the Turkish forces.

In the entire history of the existence of the Turkish state, not a single time has Turkey won a war against Russia. Therefore, let Erdogan relax. It will still be beaten.

What a pity these Kurds because they did not interfere with anyone living on their own land. Russia has left them now regrets.

A Turk, what a stubborn man who highly overestimates his capabilities. And the people do not value their army. The Russians will harshly suppress all the inclinations of the Turk.

Turkish army = militants controlled by Ankara - this is where it all goes! And those Turkish military who understood this, resigned!