Russian Aerospace Forces fighters and Black Sea Fleet forces began tracking two NATO ships that entered the Black Sea

British and Dutch warships entered the Black Sea.

At least two NATO ships from the aircraft carrier strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, entered the Black Sea, passing the Bosphorus. We are talking about the British destroyer "HMS Defender" and the Dutch frigate «HNLMS Evertsen», whose visit to the region was previously announced by London. As soon as NATO ships entered the waters of the Black Sea, their movements were immediately monitored by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, as well as military aircraft.

It is not known which ships of the Russian fleet are tracking the ships of Great Britain and the Netherlands, however, quite a few questions have arisen about where another British warship is currently located, the visit of which was also previously announced in the Kingdom's defense department.

It should be noted that the appearance of foreign warships in the waters of the Black Sea is provocative on the part of the Alliance, in connection with which Russia is ready to react rather harshly to such actions, including, obviously, through conducting its own military exercises in the region with the involvement of warships and aviation.