Russian Aerospace Forces fighters hit terrorist positions in Syria with thermobaric bombs

Russian military aircraft attacked terrorists in Syria using thermobaric ammunition.

The day before, Russian military aircraft continued to strike at the positions of pro-Turkish terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib. As a few days earlier, thermobaric ammunition was used to eliminate large groups of militants, thanks to which a fairly large group of jihadists was eliminated with just one blow from Russian military aviation.

In the presented video footage, which was at the disposal of the news agency, you can see the moment of the attack on the positions of terrorists in the Jebel al-Zawiya region of the Syrian province of Idlib. The fact that we are talking about the use of thermobaric ammunition is indicated by the large fireball formed at the time of the explosion, which is the result of spraying a combustible substance and its subsequent detonation.

Based on the information provided by Sentry Syria, Russian military aircraft carry out several raids on terrorist groups per day.

A little earlier information and news agency Reported that Russian military aircraft struck along the route of movement of the Turkish military convoy.