Explosion in Syria


Russian Aerospace Forces fighters repulsed a powerful counter-attack by militants in Syria

The jihadists tried to launch a powerful counterattack, but were destroyed by powerful attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

After the Russian military began to withdraw its forces from the northern regions of Syria and opened a checkpoint for the evacuation of refugees from terrorist-controlled territories, Turkish-backed militants launched one of the most powerful counterattacks, in which, according to various sources, up to 250 militants could be involved and armored vehicles. Nevertheless, in a seemingly hopeless situation for the Kurdish formations and forces of the SAA, the cardinal point in this matter was put by the Russian Aerospace Forces - several powerful raids not only repulsed the attack of the militants, but also led to large-scale losses among the jihadists over the past year.

On February 22, 2021, the Russian military began a humanitarian special operation to withdraw local residents from the areas held by the militants. The latter tried to counterattack, however, they were almost instantly destroyed by SAA artillery and fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The exact losses among the jihadists are not named, however, previously the resource Avia.pro published moments of attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian artillery on the area of ​​the settlement of Al-Bara, which, obviously, was a reflection of a counter-attack by terrorists.

It is noteworthy that Turkey could have avoided losses among the jihadists, however, the Turkish military "banned" the humanitarian special operation of the Russian and Syrian military, stating that they would not be able to ensure security in the region. Moreover, pro-Turkish sources report that the losses for "KhTSh" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - editor's note) turned out to be very serious.

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So we were also told that Shoiga destroyed all the militants

A counterattack is a "response" to an attack aimed at stopping the advance. Ours retreated, as the media wrote, and only they could carry out a counterattack to repel the attack of the pro-Turkish bandits!