Fighter Rafal


The fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces masterfully sat "on the tail" of two French fighters, forcing them to retreat

An attempt by the French Air Force to arrange a provocation near the Crimea ended not in favor of NATO.

A group of two French Mirage-2000 and Rafale fighters, accompanied by an air tanker, attempted to stage a dangerous provocation near the Russian border. However, the well-functioning fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were not only able to imperceptibly appear next to NATO planes, but, having sat down last on the tail, were successfully able to drive them away.

The purpose of the appearance of French tactical fighters near the Russian borders remains unknown, however, apparently, in this way the French Air Force intended to demonstrate to Russia its readiness to support Ukraine. Nevertheless, the support of Kiev ended in no way in favor of NATO - the French pilots could not oppose anything to Russian combat aircraft, and after quite lengthy attempts to throw off the tail, the French Air Force fighter crews decided to leave.

It is noteworthy that quite recently in France it was said that French Rafale fighters were superior to Russian aircraft in maneuverability, but judging by the fact that Russian pilots were virtuoso keeping the “French” in the sights of their systems, Paris could only receive anti-advertising for its Air Force ...

It is known that no violations of the state border were committed, although this is far from the first time that France deliberately makes provocations against Russia.

We decided to train ours, the training was a success. One Italian after this, decided not to fly anymore.

For the French, these aircraft are carriers of nuclear weapons. This is at least the second time in half a year, they appear in Crimea in this composition. It looks like they are preparing for the possible use of nuclear weapons.

"This is a French Air Force training video." You "opened our eyes" to the demo video of RIA Novosti ... Where did you see in the text: "in the video you can watch the Russian Air Force fighters go into the tail ..."?

Does the video have something to do with the text?

And where are the Russian pilots, and where is the Crimea? This is an instructional video for the French Air Force.

"... A group of two French fighters Mirage-2000 and Rafale, accompanied by an air tanker ..."
At YOU, a tanker is accompanied by fighters .., usually the other way around, db: ... an accompanying air tanker ...