Fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces tried to land an American bomber for the first time for violating Russian borders

For the first time, fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces tried to force an American bomber to land in Russia.

The Russian military attempted to land an American B-1B Lancer bomber at one of the Russian military bases after the latter's crew entered a narrow corridor near the Russian border. This is evidenced by at least the fact that three Russian Su-35S fighters were raised into the sky at once, which tried to clamp down on an American military aircraft, preventing the latter from leaving the international airspace.

For the first time, Russia raised three fighters to intercept one American military aircraft, and according to analysts, the Russian military tried to force an American bomber to violate the boundaries of Russian airspace in order to further land this aircraft on Russian territory.

“Three fighters raised to intercept could easily adjust the route and direction of flight of an American strategic bomber, and given a fairly limited area for maneuver, the Lancer's crew would most likely violate the Russian border, and as a result, Russia could legally land a bomber on your territory ", - believes the specialist, noting that such an incident was the first for the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Nevertheless, given the official data, the American bomber was still able to get out of this trap - there was no border violation.

"To intercept the target, three Su-35S fighters from the air defense forces of the Eastern Military District were lifted in turn, which classified and sequentially escorted the US Air Force B-1B strategic bomber over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.", - about it сообщает RIA Novosti news agency.

It should be clarified that this is the second incident with American military aircraft over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the past few months.

Previously, in Soviet times, violators were shot down, but now we are looking back at what the "partners" will say.

In neutral territory, you can accompany, but not shoot down or plant. He ice along the border without crossing.

A bit not enough to have something to sit on. And so, flew past, on the verge of a foul.

Citizens, calm down) In this situation, the air defense has fulfilled all of its tasks - found it, accompanied it. And the aviation frayed my nerves. There was no border crossing - so what kind of shooting down was it supposed to be? None. Standard situation for military personnel on alert. This happens all the time. And the fact that they "tried to plant" is only the conclusion of the author. In fact, no one was going to smear anyone, but this maneuver was practiced.

For the stupid I explain, air. there was no violation of the state border. The air defense of the Russian Federation is at its best when.

Judging by your comment, you know nothing about air defense. And in this situation, they did not understand anything at all. Really something, but air defense has always been the best and is now actively returning to their full-fledged state. And in this situation, the air defense worked out all of its tasks - found it, accompanied it. And the aviation frayed my nerves. There was no border crossing - so what a downing.

Have forgotten how! If he violated and did not follow the command, then he had to shoot down !!! If not, then what's the matter ??? Compulsion to violate this limitlessness !!! Someone must answer for this. The author writes it is not clear !!!

did you even hold a machine gun in your hands? are you ready to take part in the third world war?
all strategists off the couch ...

That they missed Rust before, that now they can’t do anything. THE COUNTRY'S POV IS ONE BIG HOLE. Or the bosses are "fed up" to make the right decision.

so it is not at YOU, but near YOU. It is not the same.

They used to be shot down for trespassing

Hopefully there won't be a third try.

The Sea of ​​Okhotsk has been the inland sea of ​​Russia for several years. This is recognized all over the world.
Question: how did an enemy plane flying over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk manage not to violate the state border?

So next to the Russian border, as in the article, or who violated the Russian border? If it is near, then why should they be imprisoned?

It is unclear whether he, an American, violated the border or not?

do not work well once started a business .. you need to finish and not quit halfway

If it does not violate, why compel to commit a crime. Coercion to commit a crime is a crime.

Lizard kings are capable of anything.

The magnificent, unattainable by anyone else, the accuracy of the GPS system made it possible to save the lives of the heroic crew of the Lancer and escape from the aggressor on three corn machines with a magnetic compass!

We have unskilled pilots or the author of the publication sucked everything out of his thumb.

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