Chinese Air Force fighter jets intercept Canadian Air Force plane

A Canadian military aircraft was intercepted by Chinese fighters.

The PLA Air Force was forced to take off its fighters after a Canadian military aircraft staged a provocation, dangerously approaching the borders of Chinese airspace. After identifying the aircraft, which turned out to be a CP-140 Aurora (patrol aircraft), PLA Air Force fighters drove the aircraft away from their borders, demonstrating the presence of weapons on board.

According to Jessica Lamirande, a representative of the Canadian Ministry of Defense, the Canadian military aircraft did not violate the borders of China, but carried out a mission near the coast of the DPRK in order to control the implementation of the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang, and the presence of the aircraft in international airspace did not contradict the existing rules, especially that there was no threat to China.

The interception of the Canadian military aircraft, in turn, may be related to the US Navy's provocation, when the missile cruiser invaded the territorial waters of the PRC in the Nansha Islands, while China itself confirms that there was no violation of the borders by the Canadian side.


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