The destruction of a column of armored vehicles with the help of corrected artillery hit the video

A column of tanks and armored personnel carriers was covered by adjustable artillery.

A column of armored vehicles, which tried to take up positions in one of the directions of the front, was unexpectedly covered by artillery. The incident occurred already in preparation for deployment on the ground, as evidenced by the dismounted infantry. This indicates that the convoy was actively monitored by a drone and, as soon as the military equipment stopped, precise strikes were made on it.

On the video frames, you can see that the strikes fall exactly on the positions of military equipment - the maximum deviation of the strikes was only about 1 meter, however, this was enough for the tanks and armored personnel carriers to receive serious damage and be destroyed.

It should be noted that the means of corrected artillery seemed extremely effective. This obviously indicates that this direction will be actively developed, since with high accuracy of hitting targets, ammunition for artillery systems has a relatively low cost and at the same time can be successfully used to hit targets at a distance of several tens of kilometers with destructive capabilities.


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