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Italy accused Russian military of espionage

Italy began to accuse the Russian military of espionage.

The Russian military, who arrived in Italy to assist in the fight against coronavirus, was criticized again. According to the Italian edition of La Stampa, the Russian military, who arrived in the country to provide assistance, in fact, participate in an intelligence mission, which could lead to another scandal.

“The Italian newspaper La Stampa published the response of the Russian Ministry of Defense to its publications about the“ futility ”of Russian aid for Italy and the supposedly reconnaissance nature of the mission, but saw“ unambiguous insults ”in it. On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reacted to the Italian newspaper’s “non-stop second-week attempts” to discredit the Russian humanitarian operation in Italy. The ministry emphasized that Russia is providing disinterested assistance in the fight against coronavirus, no attacks in the local media will force it to turn off this path. A message from the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday morning was published on the website of an Italian newspaper. The editorial response was added to it, which emphasizes that La Stampa "described Russia's assistance to Italy in the fight against the pandemic, as provided by other countries, as a manifestation of friendship and solidarity in a tragic and difficult moment for our country." At the same time, writes La Stampa, in some of her articles it is said about "the possible presence of the military engaged in intelligence work within the framework of the Russian mission" ”, - about it сообщает Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Such statements against the Russian military are more than offensive, however, it is noteworthy that officials support the position of La Stampa, in particular, a few days earlier, the Italian Foreign Minister stated that the Italian media have the right to present such information .

“While Russia helps ordinary Italians, politicians continue to pour mud on the country. Should I clarify that it is thanks to the help of Russia that a decline in the incidence rate is already recorded in Italy? ”, - the analyst notes.

One journalist and several politicians are not the whole of Italy.

The Russian Federation wants to get the secret of "MAKARON cooking." Other people have no other secrets.