Italy repaid Russia for help by sending a cruise missile warship to Crimea

In response to help, the Italian military sent their warship to the borders of the Russian Crimea.

Despite the fact that Russia responded to the call of Italy to provide any assistance in the fight against coronavirus, it became known that for such kindness, Italy showed aggressive attitude towards Russia, sending its missile frigate “Virginio Fasan” equipped with winged wings to the coast of Crimea rockets.

Despite the fact that the Russian military understood the potential adversary by providing medical equipment and highly qualified specialists to the NATO member country, Italy not only did not cancel the sanctions imposed on Russia, but also began to behave very aggressively. So, last Monday, an Italian warship entered the waters of the Black Sea, heading towards Crimea.

“While Russia demonstrates its readiness to help all countries in need, Italy demonstrates aggression towards Russia. Could Rome have canceled the visit of an Italian warship to the Black Sea? Of course! Nevertheless, instead of gratitude, Italy sent its missile frigate to the Black Sea to deter Russia. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be noted that in addition to the Italian warship, the Canadian missile frigate also entered the Black Sea.