Of the 120 missiles fired at Israel, not one hit the target.

The Israeli air defense / missile defense system "Iron Dome" showed a 100% result.

The confrontation between Israel and members of radical Palestinian organizations that began a few hours ago led to numerous losses among Palestinian radicals and militants, while Israeli air defense systems ensured 100% interception of missiles fired at Israeli territory. This fact indicates that the Israeli military is ready to repel much more serious strikes - it is estimated that the air defense systems deployed on the border with Palestine are enough to intercept up to 250 missiles before the effectiveness of the IDF defense begins to fall.

On the video footage presented, you can see how the Israeli Iron Dome air and missile defense systems intercept dozens of fired missiles flying, by the way, both along low and high trajectories. It should be noted that part of the rockets fired from the territory of the Gaza Strip fell on wastelands, while at least 40 more rockets did not reach the border zone at all, falling on the territory controlled by the Palestinians.

Initially, Israel announced that it had no intention of conducting any operation, only eliminating the existing threat, however, after numerous missile launches, the Israel Defense Forces announced an additional call for 25 reservists. This indicates that the Israeli side is ready to conduct a special operation against Islamic Jihad militants.