Equipment, American scientists and military disappeared from the American biological laboratory in Kazakhstan

Details of the attack on the mysterious biological laboratory in Alma-Ata have appeared.

Militants attempting to seize power in Kazakhstan have made at least one attempt to attack a mysterious American biolaboratory. It is known that the terrorists managed to prevent it, however, judging by the data of both Russian and local media, American scientists and, probably, mercenaries were on the territory of the biological laboratory. To date, it is known that equipment and some materials have disappeared from the laboratory, as well as the American scientists and specialists themselves, who, under currently unclear circumstances, were evacuated in an unknown direction.

According to Russian journalist Alexander Kots, the attack on the biolaboratory did take place, however. due to the multilevel protection of the complex of buildings, the militants were unable to enter the territory of the complex. Nevertheless, it is argued that after the attempted attack, all employees were evacuated from the secret laboratory, where, among other things, combat viruses are being developed (evacuation was carried out in RChBZ suits, - ed.), As well as equipment and, according to apparently some material.

Earlier it became known that the Russian military was denied the protection of this important object, despite the fact that the Russian side insisted on it.

Well, well, let's see!

Each sandpiper digs in his own swamp. Kazakhs are the same "brothers" as the "mumbo-yumbo" tribe. And the presence of biolaboratories speaks for itself. Well, Tokayev came to power, well, he removed Nazarbayev's people, but what is the benefit to Russia?

So - since the laboratory has closed - there will be no new strain in Russia?

Based on the reports of traders from local and Russian markets, it is not assumed that the Pope could probably be there, who secretly sailed on an American submarine?

And now the question is, who refused?

Complete nonsense. As a participant in the construction of a similar Lugarov laboratory in the Crimea and a specialist in BIOLOGICAL PROTECTION, I know for sure that laboratories of this type are designed to work with bacteriological cultures and by no means with viruses. And secondly, if this is true, then the intelligence services and special operations forces have signed their complete incompetence, and this is hard to believe.

We weren't allowed in because we have something to hide. So believe after that "brothers" - the Kazakhs. In a word, Asians.

Most likely they faded away, as they introduced the CSTO, they realized that they were losing control over Kazakhstan

For some reason, they don’t write here that stores with Turkish owners were “for some reason” not robbed :)

They can talk about the throw on Pristina. And in such chaos, they could not organize a throw on the laboratory of unknown persons.