Aircraft IL-114


From the state budget will allocate 56 bln. Rubles for the modernization of the Il-114

On the modernization of aircraft Il-114 from the state budget will allocate 56 billion. Rubles.

Allocated from the state budget funds will be used to redesign and modernization of airplanes of this model, as well as translation of the basic aircraft systems into digital information. Moreover, according to some reports, in the near future it is planned to improve the propulsion system of the aircraft, making its operation more profitable, and therefore the project will be more promising himself.

It should be specified that the experts predict the project Il-114 airliner great promise, in particular, a number of domestic carriers have already expressed their willingness to enter into contracts for the purchase of the aircraft, as they are the best way to satisfy the conditions of passenger regional airlines.

Finally, a small plane appears. And Rogozin from East to Vladivostok via Moscow flew. And nachem carry all sorts of black boxes and other small loads deplorable. Oddly I watched on TV saw.