ISIS terrorists


Up to 5 ISIS terrorists escape from US-controlled prison in Syria

Several thousand Islamic State terrorists have escaped to freedom from a US-controlled prison.

The terrorist attack on the As-Sinaa prison controlled by the Kurds and the United States for militants of the "Islamic State" ("ISIS", - a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) led to the fact that not a few dozen militants escaped from the prison, but several thousand terrorists. At the moment, it is known that at least 1100 Islamic State terrorists are at large, however, given that the situation is almost completely under the control of terrorists, up to 5 militants may be at large - this is exactly the number of terrorists was in prison at the time of the attack.

The situation was seriously aggravated after it became known that the Kurds, fearing destabilization of the situation in the region, declared that only a few dozen terrorists were at large, thereby hiding the real scale of the state of emergency.

At the moment, the terrorists manage to keep under their control not only the prison, but also several regions in Syria. This indicates a resumption of the fight against these jihadists. For comparison, experts draw attention to the fact that freed jihadists make up about 4% of the militants killed in five years. ISIS.

It is noteworthy that not only the United States, but also Turkey is suspected of what happened in the As-Sinaa prison, since both countries may be interested in destabilizing the situation in northern Syria in order to expand their military operations and control zones.

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