Kurumoch Airport


From Samara to Heraklion could not fly more than a hundred passengers

More than a hundred passengers stranded at the airport in Samara due to failure of the aircraft.

According to information of the news agency Avia.pro, passenger flight Samara - Heraklion could not fly out of the air harbor Kurumoch due to the bursting of hydraulic hose. Because of the search of the problem, the flight departure was initially postponed to 13 hours 13 hours 45 minutes later - at 14 hours 30 minutes and only about 16 hours, the air carrier has informed its customers that the expected departure time is scheduled for 21 hour 30 minutes.

The causes and circumstances of violations of the integrity of the hydraulic hose at this time remains unknown, but experts believe that the blame be normal wear and tear, it most likely will be able to find out soon.


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