Syria defense


American expensive air defense / missile defense system disappears from Syria

The US military in Syria remained defenseless against missile and bomb attacks.

Despite US statements that the US military still controls airspace over the northeastern part of Syria, it turned out that today the American air defense and missile defense system in the territory of the Arab Republic no longer exists.

The radar detection system, previously located at the base in Abd al-Aziz Mon, is now simply absent there. Obviously, this was done because of the risks that the system that allowed the US military to defend itself against air strikes could fall into the hands of either the Turkish or the Syrian military.

It is known that the system was evacuated by American troops, however, at the same time, this means that now the American military contingent located in the territory of the Arab Republic simply remains defenseless against any air strikes.

Experts believe that the radar detection system can be located in neighboring Iraq, however, in this case, its effectiveness will significantly decrease, since only a small part of the airspace can be controlled.