Air Base Khmeimim


Syria massively withdraw Russian planes and helicopters

Russian VCS began to massively leave the airbase "Khmeimim."

According to the information and news resource, since the beginning of this week, 11 of Russian military aircraft and helicopters have left Syria, returned to their places of permanent deployment. According to the source, the aircraft were transported by heavy military transport planes An-124, which had already been seen on the territory of the Russian military air base Khmeimim.

The reasons for the withdrawal of Russian VCS from Syria are still unknown, but foreign military analysts have expressed the opinion that Russia will no longer help Bashar Assad in the fight against terrorists of the Islamic State group (a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in Russia). Ed.) and Syrian militants, and the reasons for this may be the most diverse.

"Russia is withdrawing its military equipment from Syria due to the fact that as a result of confrontation with the US and the Western coalition, it proved powerless. Russia was given to understand that it needs to leave Syria ", - the newspaper "East Day" informs.

"Russian VCS are beginning to leave Syria. This is good news for the Syrian people and bad for Assad ", - said in the publication "Express".

On the other hand, it remains unknown why the military planes and helicopters deployed in Russia's military aviation were transported by military transport planes, which could mean that the real motives for withdrawing the military security from the territory of Syria are only a compulsory measure.

It should be clarified that at the moment Syria is conducting an offensive operation in the south-west of the country, however Russian VCS does not participate in it, which still raises a lot of questions.

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"... about the data of the military source in the government strongpoint of Izra, the Russian aerospace forces from 11 hours of the day inflicted more than 30 air strikes, most of these strikes being carried out along the strategic city of Busra El Harir, located just east of Izrai , and also in the cities of Masika (Masikah), Aib (Aeeb) and Busre Al-Harir. "WORLD NEWS

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