Ufa Airport


From Ufa began to occur flights to Burgas and Barcelona

From Ufa it became possible to fly to Barcelona and Burgas.

Charter flights to Bulgaria become implemented domestic airline "North Wind", in this case, according to the portal Avia.pro, flights from Ufa to Bourgas performed with a frequency of once a week, on comfortable airliner Airbus A320.

In addition to flights to Bulgaria from Ufa International Airport, have also carried out flights from and to Barcelona. To carry out charter flights to Spain was the Russian carrier "Royal Flight", who will perform at this international reycy in routing with a frequency of three times a month, on the roomy passenger liners Boeing 757-200.

Experts do not exclude that in the near term from Ufa can fly and other international destinations, however, at the moment, it is only in the prospects.


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