Ukrainian Air Force


Pilots are massively dismissed from the Ukrainian Air Force

The Ukrainian Air Force is massively losing military pilots.

Ukrainian pilots began to leave the Ukrainian Air Force en masse amid falling wages and the unsatisfactory state of the Air Force itself. Information on this matter was provided by the Ukrainian aviation instructor Anatoly Vovnyanko, who in the past also held the position of deputy chief designer of Antonov State Enterprise.

According to Vovnyanko, Kiev prefers not to disclose official data. It is known that over the past year and a half, more than 120 experienced military pilots have resigned from the Ukrainian Air Force, while within six months the Ukrainian Air Force will lose about 40 more pilots, since the latter have already refused to continue serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian Air Force and are waiting for the end of their contract. ...

One of the key factors is low wages, which at the moment is only about 20 thousand hryvnia (about 55 thousand rubles - editor's note). In addition, there are other circumstances, in particular, we are talking about the attitude of command, lack of opportunities to improve skills, etc.

“The flight time is 40 hours, that is, minuscule. They say there is a lot of paperwork. If you fly 40 hours a year, it is clear that, God forbid, you need to take off, sit down and fly in a straight line - no air combat, you won’t win anything ”, - said Vovnyanko.

According to Anatoly Vovnyanko, in the near future we are talking about the complete collapse of the Ukrainian Air Force, moreover, Kiev is aware of this problem and for this reason, the country's Air Force is gradually intending to re-equip with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine intends to receive in the near future armed with 24 more Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2.

Urgently to Russia.