Due to the activity of NATO aviation, Belarus began the transfer of the S-300PS air defense system to the border with Poland

Belarusian air defense systems S-300PS are seen being transferred to the border with Poland.

This afternoon, a column of Belarusian S-1PS Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems was seen on the Brest-Minsk-Moscow highway (M300). Sources of the news agency Avia.pro report that the convoy, which includes several mobile launchers and a radar station, was moving towards Brest, where the complexes are planned to be deployed due to the increased activity of NATO aviation near the Belarusian borders.

In the presented photograph, taken near the Ivatsevichi, you can see at least three mobile launchers of the S-300PS "Favorit" air defense missile system, moving in the direction of the southwestern border of the neighboring state. Initially, it was assumed that we could talk about Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, which will take part in the large-scale military maneuvers "West-2021", however, the automobile state sign indicates the fact that we are talking about Belarusian air defense systems.

It should be noted that a few days earlier, Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems arrived in Belarus, which, in addition to participating in the Zapad-2021 military exercises, may be left on the territory of a neighboring state to ensure the protection of its airspace.

Maybe everything is simpler. In RB exercises. NATO flies will fly to this honey. The S-300 will paint them .. a portrait !? :)



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