Due to Aliyev, Russian weapons have lost their status of reliable

Due to Aliyev's statement, the reliability of Russian weapons has been called into question.

After Ilham Aliyev's statement about the downed Russian Iskander-M missiles, for the first time doubts began to be raised about Russian weapons. The reason for starting to doubt the Russian Iskander-M OTRK was the statements made by the Russian side earlier that such missiles cannot be shot down, and their capabilities are enough to break through even echeloned air defense areas, however, not even by the advanced Barak complex managed to demonstrate 100% protection by shooting down two of the two launched missiles.

“Reliable Russian weapons are now suspect after Israeli air defenses shot down Russian missiles in the Karabakh war. Are Russian weapons so reliable? Probably we (China) should think about it, ”the Chinese media reported.

Noteworthy is the fact that Aliyev "advertised" the successful destruction of Russian missiles quite well, although the fragments of the latter were not shown to the media in this way.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the RF Ministry of Defense did not officially comment on this information, but earlier the Russian defense department had earlier categorically denied even the fact that Armenia was using its Iskander OTRK of the basic version.

They did not shoot down any Iskander. This is nonsense for people who don't understand anything about rockets. This barrack cannot even shoot down a Su-35. I've already seen a bunch of these fakes on YouTube. It is not possible to shoot down Iskander with modern means.

Apparently, in fact, the whole world needs to prove the superiority of Russian weapons

The wreckage of the rocket was produced and we show it in the trophy park, otherwise the author says that Baku did not show the wreckage

And that Pashinyan is really a gambler and roulette?

It looks like Russia is being forced to actually show the effectiveness of its weapons by launching a couple of Iskyandars in the right direction ...

For the "black tiger", Azerbaijan buys what Gene orders it. the headquarters and if they are smart people, and in all things they are, then they bought and will buy, but not "dot-U" or "T-64".
In addition, Azerbaijan buys from Turkey. Israel, Belarus.
The "Armenians" were not given anything, everything was bought by Yerevan.
2 modern aircraft will not provide complete air supremacy, and not echeloned S-00 in the field is an easy target.
All export samples of "Tor-2M" were destroyed in the hangar or in an inoperative state - this is again to the ORGANIZATION OF SERVICE!
NOBODY, and even more so the Armenians, will buy weapons that are not confirmed in work and are obviously not of high quality.
Saudi Arabia has already bought "Patriot" and all the missiles of the "Houthis" arrive quite easily to them)))

I agree that a specialist in playing cards and roulette is not capable of talking about combat missiles ...

The authors of AVIA.PRO have always lied, but here they have generally lied. Aliyev never spoke about the unreliability of Russian weapons, he is a diplomat, he will never allow such a thing. Pashinyan always spoke about this, including about the Iskander: "They do not explode or explode by 10 percent."

Russian weapons are outdated long ago

YOUR REPLICA ... I bought it, but now it won't buy it. A decrepit weapon, so they gave out to the Armenians for free, although Belarus is also in alliance with you and you sold it to her
ANSWER ... Greetings "Lydia Mellerstein" (aka "Ivan Tyurikov", "Evgeny Pupkin", "Olga", "Yuri Lazarev", "cat abomot", "Igo K", "Andrey Lenin", "ALEXEY KRASNOV" , "Ivan Umansky", "Malenin Egor", "Elena Matveeva", "Invisible") ... How is your dog doing in your Kiev?

It is necessary to make such a weapon so that its fate does not depend on the opinion or action of one person.

Never the empty chatter of incompetent people can harm the destructive force, the beautiful systems that are guarding Russia.

Brazil and Peru also "raise" the prestige of the MI-35P attack helicopters

Just compare the performance characteristics of Barak-8 and Iskander. And it will become clear that it is impossible in principle to shoot down Iskander in this way.

I bought it, but now it will not buy it. The decrepit weapon, so they gave it to the Armenians for free, although Belarus is also in alliance with you and you sold it to it.

Not a single Iskander missile was fired during the Karabakh war!

You can take pictures with the wreckage of anything.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev opened the War Booty Park and showed the wreckage allegedly found in the country (according to information from

Information from Voennoye Obozreniye - “... Ilham Aliyev did not ask immediately after the conflict, but waited more than 5 months? there was no Azerbaijani army ... "

They searched for 5 mechsians in Karabakh and only now "found" ....)))

That is, a provocation is possible either by Pashinyan or by Syrian militants on the advice of Turkey that they brought something from Syria.

The very fact - Azerbaijan buys weapons from Russia - Tank "T-90S"; SAM "OSA"; Self-propelled ATGM "Chrysanthemum"; "S-300PM2"

Aliyev took pictures next to the wreckage. Do you have a keyboard, but do not have a monitor?

100% Fake in an article about an unreliable Russian weapon. Aliyev could not say that. Here's an example:
- "President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro that Russia is the main supplier of weapons for the country. The transcript of the interview was published on the website of the President of Azerbaijan."

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"according to the Chinese media." - direct competitors and ... "brothers forever"
Russian with Chinese brothers forever,
The unity of peoples and races is growing stronger.
A simple man straightened his shoulders
A simple man walks with a song
Stalin and Mao are listening to us ...
with such brothers and enemies are not necessary.

In the key phrase of the article: ... although the wreckage of the latter was not so exposed to the media.
and an attempt is made to pass the lie for the truth. Take our word for Newbie, and the evidence is classified as always. That is, they are not.